8-27 Update

2017-08-27 15:27:24 by PaddleTone

Hey there,


Sorry if you missed me. I've added a couple new pieces to my gallery. Hope you're all having a nice Sunday!

Happy New Year!

2017-01-01 15:45:16 by PaddleTone

Hey there Everyone,

Happy New Year!

Just got the Scout!

2016-12-14 19:41:24 by PaddleTone

Just wanted to thank Decky for the scouting. It's nice to feel welcome!

Just Moving in from DeviantArt!

2016-12-08 03:35:18 by PaddleTone

Hello there,

I'm originally from over on DeviantArt. I've recently decided to expand here to Newgrounds. I'm not sure if I'm going to move over all my stuff. Some of it is really old. However, I've attached my DeviantArt link to my homepage if you'd like to see it. Warning: I've done some pin-ups and commissioned, lewd stuff on there. (Nothing that I would consider adult, though.)